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This page displays beaded necklaces. See the Beads page for individual glass beads. Additional items by other artists are on the Artists page. Please note that because beaded necklaces are handcrafted jewelry items, each piece is unique. Once an item is sold, an identical piece cannot be made.

Treasure Necklaces 

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Cobalt-Blue Necklace 1a

Cobalt-Blue Treasure Necklace

A woven necklace featuring Alicia Oh's raku beads and my lampwork beads.

Approximately 20 inches


(September 2003)

Red/Grey Treasure Necklace

Approximately 20 inches


(November 2002)

Red & Grey Necklace 1


Four-Braid Weave Necklaces

My latest line of necklaces contain my lampworked beads and utilizes the four braid weave in the design.

Black Four Braid Necklace

Lampworked beads with laborite and sterling silver accents.

Approximately 28 inches


Black 4 Braid Weave Necklace
Green 4 Braid Weave Necklace Grey Four Braid Necklace

Lampworked glass beads with sterling silver beads and clasp.

Approximately 28 inches


Other Necklaces

White Pearl 4 Braid Necklace

(June 2001)

White Pearl 4 Braid Necklace
featuring a lampwork bead

(includes sterling silver accents and moonstone beads)

Approximately 20 inches



Washi Bead Necklaces

Three Bead Necklace

White Flowers on Black

(16 mm beads)


White Flower Washi Bead Necklace

Washi Beads are made using a variety of papers. Each of the following samples is an individual sheet that will be wrapped around a single bead. The following designs are currently available.

(March 2004)

Black & Gold Leaf Paper

Black & Gold Leaf

Black & Gold Swirl Paper

Black & Gold Swirl

Metalics on Black Paper

Metalic on Black

Purple - Gold Paper

Purple & Gold

Red and Gold Swirl Paper

Red & Gold Swirl

Red with Gold Flakes Paper

Red with Gold Flakes

Red with Gold Mesh Paper

Red with Gold Mesh


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Ann Teruya for purchases.

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