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Beadwork Magazine Aug/Sept '01 Issue

I entered one of my necklaces into a juried exhibition.

The piece was selected and displayed in the Aug/Sept '01 issue of Beadwork Magazine along with the other winners. Click on the magazine cover above to see the article.



So what can we do with the beads we make or buy?

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Gallery: Woven Necklace

Sometimes we work them into our jewelry.

Gallery: Black & Gold Swirl Bead

And sometimes we just admire them as works of art.

This gallery is a showcase for some of my past creations. Some of these items have already been sold or are in my personal collection.

Leopard Necklace 1

Treasure Necklace featuring a Leopard Heart bead by Julie Wuest. (November 2002)

Grey-Green (Dragon) Necklace

Grey-Green Necklace featuring a Raku (ceramic) bead by Alicia Oh. (August 2009)

Gallery: Brown Treasure Necklace

Brown Treasure Necklace 2

Gallery: Light Brown Treasure Necklace

Brown Treasure Necklaces

Amber-Lavendar Necklace1.jpg

Amber-Lavender Necklace

Black Treasure Necklace

Black Treasure Necklace

Gallery: Red 4-Braid Necklace

Red 4-Braid Necklace

Blue Twisted 4 Braid Necklace

Blue Twisted 4 Braid Necklace

Gallery: Black Pearl Necklace

Black Pearl Necklace (January 2004)

Gallery: Seed Bead Beaded Necklace

Seed bead Beaded Necklace

Gallery: Horse Bead Necklace

Needlewoven Necklace featuring a Horse Bead by Kathy Johnson of Burien, Washington, and Raku (Ceramic) beads by Alicia Oh of Honolulu, Hawaii

Gallery: Summer Necklace

Summer Necklace

Gallery: Silver Wirewrapped Beads

Silver Wirewrapped beads

Gallery: Swirl Beads


Gallery: Reduction Barrel Beads

Reduction Frit Barrel beads

Red Reduction Barrel Bead White Reduction Barrel Bead Yellow Reduction Barrel Bead

Red Reduction Round Bead White Reduction Round Bead Yellow Reduction Round Bead

Reduction frit beads

Gallery: Amber Faceted Bead Gallery: Cube Faceted Bead Gallery: Triangle Faceted Bead

Red & Black Faceted Bead

Faceted Beads

(a Collaboration with Chuck Donathan)


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